Coin Operated Televisions

About Us

 Established in 1988, our founders sought a way to bring additional revenue to businesses. The development of the patented coin receptor paved the way for the rest of the design team to manufacture the components that go into each television unit. The change over from analog to digital television signals in 2009 required a complete redesign of the system.

These sturdy digital televisions are designed to offer a unique and personal television experience to your customer. They can change the channels to watch whatever broadcasting is available at that time. Each quarter buys 10 minutes of television watching time. That way your tables still turn over, while each customer can watch what they like or leave the unit off. Volume is adjusted at the table, but it is not loud enough to hear at another table.

The digital televisions have great pictures and get as many digital channels as are offered by broadcast networks in your area. Most areas can recieve more than 50 channels, in numerous languages, all in brilliant digital resolution. Call today to ask how we can add revenue to your bottom line 951-660-0440 or email:

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